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Hey there! My name is Jewel Hill and I am the youngest daughter of the 3 Daughters trio.
I do gymnastics and I am a student in high school. I have natural hair and decided to go natural
in 2017. Throughout my hair journey, I used to wish that I had hair textures like my older sisters.
Eventually, I learned that all natural hair is beautiful and different, and I learned to love the 4b/4c
texture of my hair! I also learned that you have to do what helps take care of your hair and that
maintaining natural hair takes a lot of love and patience! For our younger customers, I am here to
help guide you through your natural hair journey with advice, cute hairstyles, and lots of love for a beautiful you!


Hello! My name is Jade and I am the middle daughter of the 3 Daughters legacy. I am a University
of Alabama Alumna who loves reading, yoga, and most importantly MAKEUP. As a manager
and makeup artist in our store, I will be responsible for answering all questions regarding
products, hair, and makeup! Please do not hesitate to ask me anything, I love helping educate our
customers on all things beauty and hair to bring out a beautiful you!



I am the eldest daughter. I enjoy meeting new people and making everlasting relationships. I am over sales, local vendors, & technology. Our company prides itself on treating you like family, where we make business ties to last for a lifetime. Please feel free to contact me for orders, deliveries and sales opportunities and partnerships with our company.

Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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